Our mission

The Association shall represent and promote the interests of members and all persons involved in beekeeping in Namibia

To establish, support, and develop an economically viable and sustainable apiculture industry and promote, protect and support the environmental security for and of honeybee colonies, both those used commercially and those existing in the wild. We aim to be a strong pillar in sustainable increased production and food security in Namibia.

The priority remains the health and welfare of our Namibian Bees while we act as a mouthpiece for the larger beekeeping industry with well- informed, skilled members with healthy apiaries and the best cross- cutting practices. The Beekeeping Association of Namibia supports a sustainable restorative and inclusive beekeeping industry.


It is our goal to be the nation’s leading example of regenerative growth and progress that works through interactive practical programs and implementing policies that support all aspects of apiculture while contributing to cross-cutting sectors of environment, conservation, and food security.


We support new vibrant and all-inclusive approaches with youth innovation that plan, development, coordinate, and facilitate programs through information sharing and systems to promote an enabling environment in Namibia.

This will be achieved by a chain reaction of raising awareness on global concerns, education, practical training, and diverse research, connecting stakeholders and providing communities the best available variety of solutions to grass root levels.

In taking a comprehensive approach to develop beekeeping and better environmental practices we can make a significant contribution towards conservation, optimal utilization, sustainability with natural resources while solving part of the economic and social challenges currently faced in the industry.

  • Integrity & Trust
  • Open & inclusive
  • Regenerative & Sustainable
  • Respect & Quality
  • Connected & informative
  • Innovative & diverse
  • Inspiring & focused

The Association is established with the aims and objectives of:

  • Promoting and advancing the beekeeping industry of Namibia while acting as an umbrella body for the beekeeping industry;
  • Being the national spokesperson for the beekeeping industry;
     Engage in policy dialogue and setting & liaising with government departments (MEFT), institutions and stakeholders on all matters affecting the beekeeping industry in Namibia;
  • Liaising with anybody or associations involved in agriculture in Namibia to promote beekeeping activities and services and all bee products linked to the agriculture industry;
  • Liaising with other international organizations involved in apiculture to fulfill the purpose of realizing the mission of the association;
  • To promote the development of beekeeping in the informal, rural and communal areas in Namibia;
  • To assist with the development of research, training and education in any aspects of apiculture and liaise with any research or educational institution on matters impacting the beekeeping industry in Namibia;
  • Keeping all persons involved in the beekeeping industry informed of current issues affecting beekeeping in Namibia and internationally as far as reasonably possible and by raising awareness;
  • To implement an effective system of feedback with its members regarding production, marketing, quality control and management related to beekeeping.
  • Developing data-based systems based on research with concrete, legit information to support and develop apiculture, agriculture, environmental, health and all crosscutting sectors;
  • To ensure that beekeeping intellectual property rights are protected;
  • Encouraging conformity amongst the beekeeping community with all statutory requirements affecting beekeeping including but not limited to registration of beekeepers, movement of bees, selling of bee products, disease control and the importation of any bee products into Namibia.

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